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“I believe Education is the best prevention.”
-Renee Stahl
Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor • Master Herbalist • Esthetician
***Over a decade of experience***


As a Yoga Teacher of 2 years now I considered myself a good teacher, however, I was shocked at what I didn’t know or didn’t learn in my initial 200 YTT. These 5 modules really helped me understand my own practice more and help my students more. We all fall in love the physical… but knowing the “why” behind yoga, the theories and how to “cultivate” (as Renee says) has expanded my life, practice and teachings. My mind is blown!

– Ingrid, NC

From good to great!

“Renee was one of my first yoga teachers/guides. I love the way she makes coming to the mat an experience… It is not just about the poses but the personal discovery one has when there. She has helped me not only strengthen my practice but also grow stronger as a person. She has a strong knowledge of yoga and also takes the time to share on a personal level with her students. If you ever have a chance take a class with Renee you are in for a true treat and wonderful experience.”

~ Clara C , Colorado