Finding Peace of Mind Wherever You Are…

Om gum Ganapatayei namah 3 months without my meditation space! This has been the longest move I have ever endured! While I believe we can meditate anywhere at anytime... where ever our heart is... however it is always nice to have a spot you call home! Om gum Ganapatayei namah This mantra has helped me … Continue reading Finding Peace of Mind Wherever You Are…

Jealousy and Abundance

Jealousy and Abundance - one way of thinking will hold you back, take you no where, and let time pass you by. The other way of thinking will open up doors to a whole new way of life!

Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

Working a shift at my part time job at a well known health food store, (not sure I can actually mention their name without permission, so I will keep it out!) in the supplement and body care department is always a very interesting and a learning experience, for many reasons! The main reasons are; Someone … Continue reading Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

You are what you digest.

You are what you digest! This is a concept that I am teaching in my yoga classes lately. The concept of practicing Ayurveda with a focus on digestion and elimination. It spans beyond food and poop!!! I know, so taboo, did she really just mention poop? While those 2 are very important, digestion and elimination in … Continue reading You are what you digest.

Yoga for Athletes, aka the Over Trained and Under Stretched Body!

Yoga for Athletes, aka the Over Trained and Under Stretched Body! Yeah? Did that head line speak to you? Is your body over trained, over worked, stiff and losing mobility? If you said yes, then I totally respect your mindset to accomplish so much, to be so strong, such an amazing athlete and diligent to … Continue reading Yoga for Athletes, aka the Over Trained and Under Stretched Body!

Excuses, excuses…

I always make this mistake... I let myself become obsessed with the idea of traveling and feeling sorry for myself for not having been on a vacation in over 3 years! Spring break has brought this thinking on, hearing everyones stories of their adventures, while I continue to plug along at my job(s). It's been even … Continue reading Excuses, excuses…

Self Love

No excuses, make time for yourself, self love, you deserve feeling better and it is up to you to make it happen. To make this even more accessible, I have created a downloadable PDF with gentle yoga postures in it, that ANYONE can do. There are "chair" yoga options for those who need them and … Continue reading Self Love