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P•L•A•Y YouTube Channel

Meaning: peace • love • abundance • yoga!

This is the new home of the P•L•A•Y learning portal if you are looking for it!

Over 15 hours of Recorded workshops on Ayurveda, The 7 Chakras, Meditation, Goals, Intentions and more.

Over 20 Guided Yoga and Meditation Videos Recorded in CO & Maui.

Over 60 episodes of Podcast Recordings from “the peace • love • abundance podcast” by Renee Stahl

And always more being added.


For learning more… This blog is full of Skin Care Tips, DIY, Yoga Anatomy, Meditation and Other Deliciousness!


For Maui residents – to learn more services offered and book a facial with Renee.


peace • love • abundance podcast – Renee speaks of daily self-care including Living with Allergies and Pain, Ayurveda, herbal remedies, deep thoughts and Skin Care Tips.