Bulk Single Herbs


Sold by the ounce, inventory varies and prices vary based on market value. Inventory as of November 15, 2017. Many of these herbs are mentioned in my blog posts, so be sure to search there for the many benefits these herbs provide. They are also used in my handcrafted TINCTURES AND SERUMS sections below. So read on!

People who buy single herbs are usually looking to make their own tea, tincture, poultice and so on. I am also happy to help someone with ideas and how to do this. Visit my Wellness page to get learn more about chatting with me or meeting with me 1 on 1.

Whole Lavender Flowers  •  Astragalus Powder  •  Nettle Leaves
Marshmallow Powder  •  Cramp Bark  •  Horse Chestnut  •  Alfalfa  •  Mullein
Eyebright  •  White Willow  •  Chaste Berry  •  Raspberry Leaves  •  Uva Ursi
Star Anise • Lemon Balm •  White Tea  •  French Green Clay  •  Rose Clay