Handcrafted Herbal Tinctures, Skin Serums, 
Salves, Oil Blends and Soap!

After years of suffering from allergic reactions to commercial skin care products and the environment around me I decided to take my own health into my own hands and now I am happy to share my remedies with you, my clientele, and community!

It is much easier on the body to support your body rather than always fight the battles of not feeling well. Prevention is your best defense. Often pain and allergies are a sign of weakness in the body, so herbs tend to support and build up your bodies own defenses rather than trying to fight the battle by masking it.

Too order any of the following contact Renee.

Wellness/Herbal/Nutritional Consultations: Please visit my Wellness page to learn about my FREE consultations. I want to be your place of non-biased advice, I am not a Multi-Level Marketing sales person (although I tried! I will admit!) and I come from a place of compassion and over a decade of experience, certifications and most of all, trials and tribulations! Over my time I have given more free information then paid (although, once again I have tried!). The reason for this is because I want to help everyone and anyone. I believe wellness should be free. Free for us to choose, Free to be a daily lifestyle and Free of marketing, big-pharma and everything that goes with it! So visit my Wellness page and read my Blog posts to learn more.