Virtual Assitant

I am here to do the behind the scenes work to make you look fabulous and free up your time to do what you do BEST!

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur, self-employed or small business…

…it can take you several hours to do a task that you KNOW someone else might be better suited to do and there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all yourself.

OR… it gets isolating sometimes being self-employed and it would nice to have someone you can bounce ideas off of, can create fresh content with a fresh perspective and helps keep your business a float on days when you feel like you are sinking.

OR… You need vacation and who will keep your business appearance going while you rest and recoup?

This could be your BEST investment in your BUSINESS and MENTAL HEALTH…. EVER!!!

If you are going to dive into building a website, I will share what I use and WHY?
I use WordPress, this website you are on is built with WordPress. The reason I chose it was because:

  • In the beginning stages, just dabbling, you can have a FREE website for as long as needed. The downside and why you don’t want to stay with this permanently is so you can have your own domain (URL) name. The FREE has it’s benefits for the person who is dabbling, but your website address is lengthy and includes the “WordPress” address in it.
  • When you do decide to upgrade beyond the FREE option it opens up more features, you get your own domain (URL) name and you look more professional.
  • IF you want to do a store or handle transactions on your website, then WordPress has SEVERAL plug-ins and options for you to EXPAND your business website. It really is amazing how many options you have!


Click below to start your website today…
If you are overwhelmed then lets talk, contact me ASAP!!!

I take pride in my craft

I use professional software such as
Adobe CC;

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Audition (podcast), Rush (video), Premiere (video), Spark and Acrobat Pro.

Canva and the like are only used when a client prefers I use their account so they can have access to the files into the future as well.

To browse my portfolio, scroll to the bottom!

Example situations:

  • Yoga instructor who is amazing in a class setting… but fears the virtual world!
  • New business / entrepreneur that needs a jump start online with website, branding and consistency.
  • Existing business that needs a facelift or FRESH new online presence.
  • New or existing podcaster / YouTuber who desires help with editing, uploading and following up on comments.
  • BNB who doesn’t have time for the computer side of the business.
  • A Chef who is too busy in the kitchen doing what they love to do – COOK! But wants to maintain an online presence for blogs, new clientele and to share recipes. Often FRESH chefs have a constantly changing menu do to cooking with fresh, local resources or based on the season that needs updated weekly.
  • Real Estate Agent who loves working the field, but not behind the desk!
  • Holistic Energy worker who see clients all day and has no energy to do the behind the scenes outreach.
  • ANYONE… seeking help in an ever growing business… to take your business to the next level.


Line Art, Logos and Business Cards

eBooks, PDF’s and Brochures

Thumbnails for Social Media, YouTube, Podcasts and More

Power Point Presentations and Webinars


YouTube Channel and Podcast Links