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  1. Talking Dharma Sept 20th 2018, 7:00p (MST; Colorado), RSVP now.
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  2. Connecting the Dots Master Class Oct 1st 2018, BONUS for EARLY sign up today!
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My Story, how my ‘mess’ became my ‘message’.

Talking Dharma

Every 3rd Thursday of every month Renee goes live, online, private broadcast on YouTube, talking Dharma!

To RSVP purchase a ticket through my store.

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Dharma is your true path… your true North… who or what you are meant to be.

Let’s talk about how our ‘mess’ is our ‘message’.

September subject: Effortless Flow vs Karma!

Join us in this LIVE call as we discuss what it means to truly cultivate your true authentic self. It can be hard at times to accept who we are and how we got to where we are.

All calls are recorded so you can listen at your own leisure at anytime if you can’t make the live call, but RSVP is required to receive the private YouTube links to join or to watch the recording later.

To RSVP purchase a ticket through my store, click here: Talking Dharma Ticket

*No Cost. Registration closes 1 hour prior to the conference call so there is time to distribute the info on joining the call!


Connecting the Dots Master Class

Connecting the Dots Master Class Oct 1st 2018, BONUS for EARLY sign up today!

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  • Do you know your WHY?
  • Why you haven’t accomplished your goals?
  • Why time has flown by and you are farther from your goals?
  • Why you believe your own excuses?
  • My master class coming up will help you connect the dots of the past, what brings you to today, and set your goals (dots) for the future.

In this Master class you will:
🌅 Lean to stop putting things off and just DO IT! First step for sure!
✌️Put in writing your goals, ambitions and dreams.
❤️Verify – what is your ‘Mess’ (excuses) that get in your way?
🌅Recognize what you are naturally good at.
✌️Verify – what makes you good at what you are naturally good at? When we know this, we remain motivated.
❤️Take a walk down memory lane to connect the dots of your past to discover what was the trigger in your past that planted the BAD seed in your head that made you BELIEVE you are not capable of living out your dreams?
🌅Define the obstacles that get in your way, so you can recognize them when they present themselves.
✌️Set clear milestones (dots) for you to connect into the future to accomplish what you seek through expelling limiting beliefs and overcome excuses.
Phew… that is a lot! But totally doable and not as overwhelming as you think by having a guide to help guide you through it.

When you have the knowledge and tools I will provide in this training you can clearly see what dots you need to connect.


  • Interactive video
  • Workbook
  • Email support for questions and deep thoughts!
  • Discounted 1 on 1 private (purchased separately if you want it)
  • The 7 Chakras Workshop for early sign-up.

The class releases October 1st. It will be recorded so you can watch when you make time for it, one catch… It will only be available for a limited time to create some urgency so you won’t put it off!

You will have 30* days to download and complete, if this scares you… then face it… you need this deadline! That is the purpose of this Master Class is to stop putting things off and start getting shit done!

For now, enjoy the 7 Chakra Workshop bonus included in this early sign-up, it is ready for download as soon as you complete your purchase! You will find a video and an audio only version which is the same recording, minus the visual video, this is handy to listen to as you commute, exercise or walk your dog! Also a PDF workbook to take notes and help trigger interaction.

Sign up before October 1st and get bonus material: my online workshop – The 7 Chakras, already recorded and ready to watch today!

Cost is only $25 and commits you to your future… again, if this scares you?
Then you need to do this and stop putting things off with excuses!

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*If you pre-register, your 30 days will begin October 1st when the Master Class is released. If you sign up after October 1st, then your 30 days will begin on the day you sign up! Example; you sign up October 11, you will get 30 days from that day! Master Class is only around for a limited amount out time and registration closes October 15th.

So no better time then the present to DO THIS!!!

First Step to stop putting things off… is to DO THIS NOW!!!