New to this… and loving what I know now.

Renee’s online modules and workshops [Cultivate Vitality Intensive formerly known as Cultivate Your Inner Yogi] are exactly what I needed. I knew nothing about yoga or Ayurveda before signing up because going to a studio or gym is not my thing. I just knew I needed to find a new path and break some destructive habits that kept haunting me and repeating. I loved how Renee’s first module assured me I didn’t need to know yoga or even be able to touch my toes to complete this intensive. First I purged excess from my closets and basement and then miraculously I noticed my thoughts and emotions were becoming more tolerable. Then it became clear to me how my “weighed down” lifestyle of having to have so much material in my life was actually “weighing me down”! So in having more energy and more room to think in my head, I was better able to focus on my body, my work, my family and eventually became more aware of how my lifestyle was not serving me well and now I live with new light, lightness and better awareness daily of how decisions, good or bad, effect my life daily. And the Yin Yoga is to die for, god bless ya! Thank you Renee!

Robin T. – CA