Love being a “play member”. The content is plentiful and I got even more out if it when I did both – watched the videos AND listened to the audio only versions of the same modules. In other words it is very helpful that you offer the visual as well as an audible version. Thank you so much for sharing and highly recommend this “play member portal” for everyone!

J. Huntsman, Oregon

Loved, loved, loved, taking this class! [Connecting the Dots] Very easy to do and go at your own pace. Helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and create goals that I am currently striving to accomplish in the future. The homework completed during this class serves as a daily reminder for me on how I can grow and accomplish my life goals. It has helped me learn what I need to do to be the best “me” that I can be. Listening to, and watching Renee on her videos is always a very calming and positive experience. This class was worth every penny! Thank you Renee!!

rachelhulse23, CO

I took this class [Connecting the Dots] over a few days in 30 minute increments. Taking it this way worked well for me. It gave me time to do mental homework and consider the activities that I was doing in the workbook. I enjoyed Renee’s narrative. Her storytelling and personal disclosure provided a safe space. Her reliability felt sincere and approachable. It was symbiotic to the process that she was cultivating- which is growth. I most enjoyed the reminders about framing goals with positive words. Some of how she explained this concept was new to me and I felt an “aha!” This is a very affordable self-help class. I’m glad that that I took a chance on it!

missdulcemia, CO

As a Yoga Teacher of 2 years now I considered myself a good teacher, however, I was shocked at what I didn’t know or didn’t learn in my initial 200 YTT. These 5 modules really helped me understand my own practice more and help my students more. We all fall in love the physical… but knowing the “why” behind yoga, the theories and how to “cultivate” (as Renee says) has expanded my life, practice and teachings. My mind is blown!

– Ingrid, NC

From good to great!

Renee’s online modules and workshops [Cultivate Vitality Intensive formerly known as Cultivate Your Inner Yogi] are exactly what I needed. I knew nothing about yoga or Ayurveda before signing up because going to a studio or gym is not my thing. I just knew I needed to find a new path and break some destructive habits that kept haunting me and repeating. I loved how Renee’s first module assured me I didn’t need to know yoga or even be able to touch my toes to complete this intensive. First I purged excess from my closets and basement and then miraculously I noticed my thoughts and emotions were becoming more tolerable. Then it became clear to me how my “weighed down” lifestyle of having to have so much material in my life was actually “weighing me down”! So in having more energy and more room to think in my head, I was better able to focus on my body, my work, my family and eventually became more aware of how my lifestyle was not serving me well and now I live with new light, lightness and better awareness daily of how decisions, good or bad, effect my life daily. And the Yin Yoga is to die for, god bless ya! Thank you Renee!

Robin T. – CA

New to this… and loving what I know now.



“Renee is an awesome yoga instructor and guide. Her amazing knowledge of the body and yoga poses allows everyone the opportunity to be successful. If a certain pose does not work for you, she always has an alternative pose for you to try. She is always willing to give everyone that extra bit of one on one attention to help them out, whether it be to push themselves to the next level or to use a prop or support system to help them through an injury or a not so flexible body. I miss being able to go to her classes! Oh yes, she also has an awesome playlist!”

jj in Colorado

“Renee was my first taste of Yoga. As I stumbled into a unusually warm room, not knowing a downward dog from a hole in the ground she was a ray of sunshine! I had tried many different kinda of workouts but never really LOVED any of them. Suddenly I found myself counting the days till I could take Renee’s class again! I was going week after week. I was getting better and better! The best part was this Rockstar Renee knew who I WAS!! She remembered my name!! She encouraged me and helped me through each practice! Her spirt and enthusiasm was contagious! I especially LOVE her music!! Not your typical yoga experience to say the least!! I now practice Yoga 6 days and week. I’ve never felt better! I’m so connected with my spirit and breath. It’s been such a beautiful transition! I can even do a “Bird of Paradise”! Me! That’s right! I thank my lucky stars I was able to meet and love Renee!! She is truly one of a kind!” Namaste’

April Ulrich, CO, Renee’s BIGGEST fan!

“I’ve been a fan, friend and student of Renee’s for about 3 years at both Lifetime Fitness and Core Power yoga in Westminster, CO and always looked forward to her classes. Some days I would take two classes with her and both would feel like a brand new experience. She takes such great care to make each class she teaches new and enlightening each time. As an exercise physiologist, I appreciated her knowledge of anatomy and the way she educated those she guided during her classes. Renee truly cares about those she guides and offers a genuine interest both on and off the mat.” 

~ Janelle Orsborn, Denver CO

“Renee was my first yoga instructor and also my favorite after a year of practicing. As a single dad, yoga can be an intimidating activity to break into, but Renee’s classes always felt very welcoming. She was fantastic at guiding a complete noob like me while simultaneously keeping the regular pros in her classes on their toes. Renee’s energy is practical and grounded while very positive, which I found to be the most effective of a variety of teaching styles I saw. Go to her class and see for yourself, she is awesome sauce!” 

~ Ryan S., Broomfield, CO

“Renee was one of my first yoga teachers/guides. I love the way she makes coming to the mat an experience… It is not just about the poses but the personal discovery one has when there. She has helped me not only strengthen my practice but also grow stronger as a person. She has a strong knowledge of yoga and also takes the time to share on a personal level with her students. If you ever have a chance take a class with Renee you are in for a true treat and wonderful experience.”

~ Clara C , Colorado

“Renee’s knowledge reflects her expirience of over 10 years in Esthetics and Herbalism. She has helped the health of my skin from the inside and out. I dove right in with all 3 of her methods, yoga for detox, herbs and nutrition and her handcrafted skin care with minimal ingredients helped trouble shoot what works for my skin and what wasn’t. My health, skin and life have taken at true turn around.”

~ D. Rand, CO


Whale of a good time whale watching with @apanoplyofme and @dive_maui. Thanks @cj_yogidiver for an awesome time!
Paddle boarding with Whales and a beach walk with my fur baby all before 10 am... that’s Aloha!
Local love! Between my quest to reduce packaged foods, eliminating plastic and abstaining from adult beverages... I am learning a whole new art and appreciation for mixed drinks! Lilikoi pretty much grows wild here, especially if you know where to look and so does ginger... the local honey is no brainer too! Mmmmmmm... deliciousness! AND full of nutrients! #betterthanalcohol #noalcoholneeded #mixeddrinksforall #localfood #noplasticwaste #freshandorganicgoodness #hawaiianhoney #lilikoi #ginger #justaddwater #yummyformytummy #happymindhappylife #wearewhatwebelieve #reducewaste #bethechange🌎 #itstartswithyou #wholebodybadassery #yummyselfcare #selfcare #dailyselfcare #mauinokaoi #sweetalohahoneycompany
I remember this day well... it was one of the coldest days on the mountain... but the snow was epic. It’s amazing what we can overcome when there is pure bliss and fun to be had! #throwback #coloRADo #imissthesnowboardingbutnotthecold #happymindhappylife #snowboarder #mauilifenow #coloradowillalwaysbehome
Love to stop in and walk this labyrinth... #mauinokaoi #lumeria #labyrinth #walkingmaze #meditationmaze #walkingmeditation #maze #dailyselfcare #healthymindhealthylife #goodvibes #mindbodysoul
Good Morning!
It’s finally starting to look green again here. It was a long, hot, dangerously dry, summer for us! the National Weather Service just released preliminary data on Wednesday for the year’s temperatures — and Hawaii broke or tied a total of 273 daily records. There were 135 records broken and 138 tied last year, forecasters said. Kahului saw the most broken records at 61, as well as the most tied records at 45.
Good morning 2020! ✌️❤️🌈 . #2020 #happynewyear #mauinokaoi #welcome2020 #goalsetting #dreamsdocometrue #newyearsresolution2020 #satya #ahimsa #saucha #truth #nonviolence #clarity #happymindhappylife #mindbodyconnection #selflove #selfcare #dailyselfcare
Seeds can sprout anywhere... it really is amazing how a seed can sprout out of what seems like nothing or what is perceived as not an ideal environment! - ✌️❤️🌈 - So when planting your 2020 seeds don’t let your limiting beliefs get in your way... just go out and plant seeds. Some may grow and flourish and some may not even sprout... but you will never know the potential if you don’t try! - ✌️❤️🌈 - 2020 here we come! . . . #2020 #plantsomeseeds #sowyourseeds #yougottatry #youreallyneverknow #happynewyear2020 #heresto2020 #2020hereicome #goals #dreams #peaceloveabundance #happymindhappylife #mindbodyconnection #dailyselfcare #wholebodybadassery #beabadass #growthmindset #newyearnewgoals #seeyanextyear #yummyselfcare #selfcare