Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

Working a shift at my part time job at a well known health food store, (not sure I can actually mention their name without permission, so I will keep it out!) in the supplement and body care department is always a very interesting and a learning experience, for many reasons! The main reasons are; Someone … Continue reading Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

You are what you digest.

You are what you digest! This is a concept that I am teaching in my yoga classes lately. The concept of practicing Ayurveda with a focus on digestion and elimination. It spans beyond food and poop!!! I know, so taboo, did she really just mention poop? While those 2 are very important, digestion and elimination in … Continue reading You are what you digest.

As a Yoga Instructor do you know Ayurveda? The Sister Science to Yoga?

Did you know that Ayurveda is the "sister science" of Yoga? And as a matter of fact if you are teaching or doing yoga for the "health benefits" then you are actually practicing Ayurveda and NOT just Yoga! Which if you are teaching yoga and teaching the health benefits of doing yoga, then you should … Continue reading As a Yoga Instructor do you know Ayurveda? The Sister Science to Yoga?

Knowledge is Power

Also, education is the best prevention. I've come to resonate with both these concepts. With the ever changing health care system, what is covered and what is not, plus increased stress in our society we start to learn that education and knowledge are our best chance at taking back control of our own health and our lives. … Continue reading Knowledge is Power

Ayurveda for your bloated belly!

Do you have some New Years resolutions to eat healthier? Are you all of a sudden blending cold veggies and fruit in a blender, packing carrot sticks and celery for lunch or juicing like crazy? Only to find your belly is upset, bloated and you are getting constipated? Also, you might be feeling tired all … Continue reading Ayurveda for your bloated belly!

DIY – Immune Boosting Herbal Fire Cider

It's that time of year where the days are short, vitamin-D levels go down, immune system suffers and the flu/viruses run rampant! Here is an herbal remedy to use to boost your fight against catching the crap that is going around. You want to get on making this today because it should sit for 2-4 … Continue reading DIY – Immune Boosting Herbal Fire Cider