Yin and Yang – Yin Yoga Workshop


Why Yin Yoga works and is so yummy, 5 Chinese Elements and Lines of Energy of your Major Organs.


All Levels, 2 hours, unlimited viewing.
This is # 5 of 5 in a series, if you are interested in doing the whole series look at the ‘Cultivate Your Inner Yogi Intensive’ options where you get 5 videos at discounted pricing. Also can be enjoyed on it’s own.

Yin Yoga and how it so effectively balances out the Yang in our lives. Whether you work too much, train too much or just have a lot of stress and anxiety in your life, this is for all of us.

This experiential video helps explain how Yin Yoga works with the 5 Chinese Elements, the 4 Seasons and the Meridians/Lines of Energy similar to Acupuncture to stimulate:

  • Your internal organs.
  • Get energy flowing through blocked channels of chi.
  • Promote opening your joints by getting into the ligaments and tendons in a gentle, grounded environment.
  • Create a practical daily practice to help maintain balance in the body and achieve “Righteous Chi”.

Yin Yoga is a “Yummy” compliment to every lifestyle, gentle enough for every body, yet effective in helping find a better way of life that you can learn to do at home. Knowledge is power and education is prevention.


  • 1 module/video, 2 hours, pre-recorded
  • Audible only version like a podcast on the go. Walk your dog, clean house or while you commute.
  • Unlimited  – The modules are yours to view or listen to and review as often as you want for a lifetime. Think Netflix or Amazon streaming.
  • Online, in the comfort of your own home!
  • Email support for any questions you have at any time.
  • Includes interactive PDF manual for your use.

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