The 7 Chakras – Workshop


The 7 Chakras Workshop includes: Video, Audio Only and a PDF Workbook.


All Levels, some knowledge will be helpful, but not necessary.
2 hours of pre-recorded experiential video plus OM work.
This is #3 of 5 in a series, if you are interested in doing the whole series look at the ‘Cultivate Your Inner Yogi Intensive’ options where you get 5 videos at discounted pricing. Also can be enjoyed on it’s own.

This experiential video course will guide you through the concepts of The 7 Chakras. Renee has a very practical approach using analogies and light meditation to help you understand and cultivate healthy vitality via aligning The 7 Chakras. Each Chakra is broken down individually explaining it’s properties, how to recognize an imbalance, yoga poses for strengthening and/or calming each chakra and a light meditation for each to get you started on your journey to cultivate balance.


  • Experiential Video
  • Audio only that you can listen to while walking your dog, commuting or whatever you do on the go!
  • PDF Workbook that triggers thoughts and helps you define your own journey.
  • Unlimited viewing of the modules to view or listen to and review as often as you want for a lifetime. Think Netflix or Amazon streaming.
  • Online, in the comfort of your own home!

To view a Sample of the Module:

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