ebook: Super Ingredients for Whole Body, Holistic Skin Care, Recipe


Your skin is the LARGEST ORGAN  of your body; it is time to listen to it and take care of it!

Become a BADASS at whole body self-care.

With the use of SUPER INGREDIENTS, like honey, flowers and papayas… the way nature intended.


Super Ingredients for Whole Body, Holistic Skin Care, Recipe Book – ebook

Become a BADASS at whole body self-care with the use of super ingredients like honey, papaya, whole flowers and herbs the way nature intended.

Written by me, Renee Stahl, I am a licensed holistic esthetician, master herbalist, yoga and Ayurveda instructor.

As a professional in the self-care world I share my methods, secrets and knowledge of how to take care of the largest organ of your body aka your skin.

This 28 page, beautifully illustrated, ebook covers topically some recipes and suggestions on how to care for your skin with single ingredients that are very high in nutrients. However because it is a single ingredient, doesn’t mean it has single benefits! Also recipes on how to combine the super ingredients on your own to take your own skin care into your own hands.

Years ago I started to struggle with a lot of skin issues and had to trouble shoot my allergies. Discovered what I was using topically as well as what I was putting into my body was irritating my skin and several other health issues. That is when I started using just coconut oil for everything until I could narrow down my allergies and intolerances. Since then I have discovered a whole world of how simple skin care can be and still give your skin the best nutrition it has ever had!

Also, with the rising cost of the cosmetic industry and health care, then there is no better time then the present to look at ALL resources around us. However, this isn’t advice about giving up on health care. It is more of a campaign of taking more control over your daily self-care, your wallet and utilizing health care, aka going to the Dr, when we really, really, need it… rather than a crutch for ignoring our health daily.

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