ebook self-care Yoga for beginners or for office and home practice


A PDF ebook for doing yoga on the go, office or at home. You can print it or keep the digital file on your computer or smart phone to reference anywhere, anytime. Enjoy!


Short, Sweet and Simple 5 poses 15 minutes For every body!
Give yourself the gift of… 15 minutes to find 1-side stretch, 1-hip opener, 1-backbend, 1-forward fold, and 1-twist!

This printable guide will guide you through 5 poses that you can do daily or as often as needed! 5 poses with variations, including chair yoga, to choose from to customize your stretch. Working into the 6 movements of your body and spine. Plus a hip opener which I like to call your 7th movement! Ha!

• forward fold • back bend •
• right side body • left side body •
• twist right • twist left •
• hip opener •

sample image of one of the pages