As a website designer I use a combination of themes and creating custom elements from scratch using Elementor and some light coding. Between the 3 I can create a custom website that no one else has and combines elements you like or remove the ones you don’t like.

I can also keep it as a theme if the customer choses – so they can do the updates themselves some day after I get them rolling, this is what I call ‘consultation’ services rather than being the ‘website manager’.

Either way, contact me and lets see what your needs are and how I can help you.
GT Advanced Aerial Services is a company that does drone photography and aerial thermal images to assist in Solar Installations, Utility Companies and so on.
Custom built and maintained using Elementor and some HTML coding.
Current and ongoing project since 2/2020.
Take a video tour of GT Advanced Aerial Services to see how interactive the website is.
Thanks for stopping by!
Retire with Roshan is a website for a financial planner.
I also edit/produce the podcast and create, manage, and schedule all social media posts for this team of three podcast hosts and financial advisors.
Maintained as a Wix website.
Current and ongoing project since 9/2019.
Bella Macaron is for a baker that creates custom macarons for sale on her website and in local bakeries.
WordPress website.
Logo design and contracted to help with initial website set up.
Ongoing help with marketing materials.
Since 9/2018.

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