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When I first fell in love with yoga… I fell in love with the pace, progressive music, heat and challenging movement of a ‘power flow’ class. Then… the journey began and I learned there is so much more to it.

I am grateful for falling in love with the ‘power flow’ because it captured me, changed my life and taught me many things. ‘Power flow’ will always be in my life.

When I started to dive deeper into the concepts, theories and philosophy behind ‘mind-body-spirit’ I fell even MORE in LOVE ❤️.

Now after practicing for over 20 years and TEACHING for more than a DECADE I enjoy SHARING the LOVE ❤️!

☀️ I am also a Holistic Licensed Esthetician in both Colorado and Hawaii… so I share my knowledge of the ‘largest organ of the body’ with ebooks and DIY skin care tips. ☀️

This is my inspiration for creating my learning portal. It is a COMPLIMENT to any yoga practice;

even if you are new to yoga or just dabbling with the idea…
keep reading to learn more and see sample videos towards to the bottom.

Peace • love • abundance

Who and Why:

  • Someone looking to take their Yoga practice deeper.
  • You like to support small businesses!
  • The “peace • love • abundance podcast” is a delight to listen to and learn from and it also has skin care tips too!
  • To learn the ‘Juicy’ stuff about Yoga that isn’t often taught in a yoga class due to time constraints or often yoga instructors don’t want to over-load you with information while your in your physical practice and some concepts are better absorbed off the mat, then you can apply it when you are on your mat.
  • “Whole Body Badassery”!
  • Did you know that Yoga and Ayurveda are ‘Sister Sciences’ and meant to be practiced side by side? Beginning Ayurveda is included in this.
  • Your practice will grow and become more balanced if you know more about yourself.
  • Someone who wants to transform their life and follow through with their Intentions, Goals and Dreams… the meditation techniques and goal setting modules alone will help you excel at becoming what you seek.
  • Yoga Teachers who need to brush-up on these concepts or were not taught that Yoga and Ayurveda are ‘Sister Sciences’. It is hard to learn all these concepts in a 200 hour training, so no worries if you don’t know this, but here is your opportunity to add Ayurveda to your teachings. As a Yoga teacher you don’t HAVE to know everything and this introductory training will get your started on sharing the concepts with your students.

What you will get:

  • Several hours of virtual workshops (currently almost 12 hrs and more to come).
  • Several hours of Audio Only listening for repetition and for audible learners.
  • Several tips for meditation techniques and goal setting. The Chakra video alone has 7 different meditations in it just to start and the 8 limbs will blow your mind as well!
  • New content added to the library to keep you learning.
  • Over 60 episodes of the ‘peace • love • abundance podcast’.
  • 20+ beautifully sequenced Guided Yoga Videos from Yin to Power Vinyasa.

Read what people are saying…

Where to get it all…

P•L•A•Y YouTube Channel

Meaning: peace • love • abundance • yoga!

This is the new home of the P•L•A•Y learning portal if you are looking for it!

Over 15 hours of Recorded workshops on Ayurveda, The 7 Chakras, Meditation, Goals, Intentions and more.

Over 20 Guided Yoga and Meditation Videos Recorded in CO & Maui.

Over 60 episodes of Podcast Recordings from “the peace • love • abundance podcast” by Renee Stahl

And always more being added.

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