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It costs nothing and you have everything to gain! 

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Chakra Challenge, April 1 – May 20, 7 full weeks to complete 7 – 30 minute yoga videos in the comfort of your home or go to a park on a warm day.

You have 7 weeks to complete, you can do 1 per week or finish quickly by doing 1 per day for 7 days! You will have access to all 7 immediately, so if you have a chill day off you could even do all 7 in one day! Phew! Knock it out however you want!

Each Chakra has it’s own 30 minute class. The first 4 have a combo of 20 minutes of flowing and strengthening, then about 10 minutes of Yin postures because the lower 4 chakras are more physical in nature. The upper 3 focus more on spiritual, emotional and mindful in nature so they are Yin based and gentler to help you get into some light meditation. Ideally if you have a hour to practice, you could combine one of the lower 4 with one of the upper 3.

The 7th Chakra recording is a guided meditation/extended savasana that verbally guides you, as you lay in savasana, eyes closed, breathe, relax and take a journey through the 7 chakras through the mind’s eye. You could do this one every day as a pre-bedtime or mid-day break, destress, ground-down and relax. You don’t have to lay down to do it, you could sit under a tree on your lunch break or even recline the seat in your car!

What do you get for completing? 

  • A feeling of accomplishment (this is huge). 
  • More knowledge of your mind-body-spirit.
  • A good kick-start on a home yoga practice.
  • A HIGH 5! (virtual if you live out of state!)
  • A sticker mailed to you from Renee.

How will I know you completed, honor system and in the application Namastream there is a way to check off as you complete the challenge. Plus you can watch the videos more than once and as often as you want.

Pre-register today so Renee knows you are interested and to commit yourself!
It costs nothing and you have everything to gain! 

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“Let food be thy medicine.” -Hippocrates

‘Father of modern medicine’, ancient Greek physician Hippocrates advised. Before we had medicine, humans collected foods, often berries, bark and herbs, & made teas, poultices & potions to build strength & restore health.

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