Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

Working a shift at my part time job at a well known health food store, (not sure I can actually mention their name without permission, so I will keep it out!) in the supplement and body care department is always a very interesting and a learning experience, for many reasons! The main reasons are; Someone … Continue reading Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

Knowledge is Power

Also, education is the best prevention. I've come to resonate with both these concepts. With the ever changing health care system, what is covered and what is not, plus increased stress in our society we start to learn that education and knowledge are our best chance at taking back control of our own health and our lives. … Continue reading Knowledge is Power

DIY – White Tea, Lavender Flowers and Honey Mask

You can drink your tea and wear it too! White Tea has an amazing amount of antioxidants and it is good for us from the inside out! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it's time you treat it as such... give it the love it deserves. A little bit about White … Continue reading DIY – White Tea, Lavender Flowers and Honey Mask

DIY – Herbal Mask

Herbs have multiple purposes and there are several ways to benefit from them. Teas, tinctures, seasonings for food, extractions, compresses and poultices to name a few. Using them as a facial mask falls in the poultices and or compresses category. Difference between a poultice and compress is the technique. A poultice is usually the application … Continue reading DIY – Herbal Mask