About Me

I just want to say that my approach to your business or health is from my heart and reflects my own authentic direction in life. My methods are not a fad and they have been around for many, many years. I do not believe in fad yo-yo dieting. Weight-loss is a result of good lifestyle habits, but is not my main focus for helping people. I take pride in having experience, education and all certificates are certified through the State of Colorado. PLUS… a licensed Holistic Esthetician in both Colorado and Hawaii”
— Renee Stahl

Personal Story:

“Education is the best prevention”

As a Colorado Native Renee grew up in a large family with many health issues: she lost two brothers and her mother to incurable diseases, and her father is a colon cancer survivor. Experiences like this can really make one want to run and hide! Instead they sent her on a journey to seek more out of life.

In her early 30’s Renee began to see signs of her own health declining and was experiencing constant pain. She did not want to go down the conventional medical path of prescription drugs and surgery. She questioned her Dr’s about whether her eating habits, at the time a vegetarian and consumed a lot of soy, could be the root of her problems? Dr’s continually told her no, your eating habits have nothing to do with your health problems and a hysterectomy was the only way to give you relief from your symptoms. She believed there had to be another way other than removing her female organs to find relief. Sure, no uterus, no endometriosis, but can that really be considered a ‘CURE’? What they were calling a ‘CURE’ was the possible beginning of her mothers decline in health. You see, her mother had a hysterectomy at an early age and was placed on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and later diagnosed with Breast Cancer and did not survive.

Renee then decided that “Prevention” is truly the key. In her quest for learning what “Prevention” truly meant she discovered a whole new world of yoga, herbs, nutrition, and a holistic way of living and thinking. Using these modalities to reverse and heal her health conditions she became more intrigued and had to know more. So she dove in head first and studied her Master Herbalism with Lorna Silva, CNHP, who at the time was also her go to practitioner who gave Renee the help, love and insight on how to heal with nutrition and herbs. It wasn’t easy at first, but once she found her way she knew she had to become an expert to help others find their way. She still is learning, seeking more education and believes education is the best prevention.

She is a Mother, Outdoor Enthusiast, Wellness Guide, Licensed Esthetician, Nutritional Coach, Master Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Blogger. She lives with her best friend, lover and soul mate Billy, as well as her fur baby and hiking leader Mojo. Her biggest accomplishment was raising her son, Derrick Cobb, he is a big hearted, gentle giant, who taught Renee how to stop and smell the flowers! In her spare time you can find her doing random yoga poses outdoors, paddle-boarding, walking on the beach (when in Maui!), hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, 4-wheeling, horseback riding and riding dirt bike motorcycles.


“Mind-Body-Spirit = Wellness”

Renee discovered yoga over 20 years ago and has been teaching yoga full time since March of 2009. She has taught yoga in North Denver Metro Area, CO; Maui, HI and Fort Collins, CO. She is a registered Yoga Teacher Trainer (e-RYT) with Yoga Alliance and as a Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer she has led and/or coached 5 Yoga Teacher Training sessions. She has well over 700 hours of training as well as more then 6000 hours of teaching classes full time. She shares a passion for the creative movement and power in flowing (Vinyasa) with non-traditional music with a great beat, as well as the stillness of holding Yin yoga poses and listening to the sweet sounds of Om in traditional yogic music. Her trainings and influences include Corepower Yoga, LifePower yoga, Astanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Jeannie Manchester, Laura Kupperman, Paddleboard Yoga and Areil Yoga. Plus growing up in the Boulder/Denver Colorado area she has been exposed to one of the most amazing and diverse yoga communities one could ask for. Check out her current offerings – Private Yoga Sessions, Weekly Class Schedule, Yoga Events, and Corporate Yoga.

Skin Care and Wellness:

“Your skin is the largest organ of your body.”

She has been an Esthetician and Master Herbalist since 2005. She specializes in whole body treatments. Even though she is a Licensed Esthetician she believes the skin is indicative of what is going on inside the body and puts a lot of emphasis in healing the body from the inside out. “For years I performed several facials only to see people continue to return to my chair with the same skin issues. I suggested several skin care products for people (very pricey too) and often still no change. After completing my Master Herbalist program and Yoga training a red flag really hung over me, skin care is skin deep and there is only so much we can do on the surface.” Along with pH balancing, proper nutrition, Facials, Iridology (study of the iris), yoga and so on Renee is able to help you heal from the inside out. “It is the whole package, not just skin care, health is skin deep!” Check out her blog posts on skin care tips and DIY,  or her page on Facials and how to book a facial online.

Summery of all teaching experiences:

Renee has…

  • Been teaching yoga full time since 2009.
  • Has co-lead several YTT’s (Yoga Teacher Trainings) under 2 different companies/philosophies; CorePower Yoga and LifePower Yoga (Life Time Fitness).
  • Created and hosted several workshops at Life Time Fitness, Westminster.
  • Created and hosted several workshops and wellness cleanses through her private business. No cookie cutter training, truly created my own!
  • Yoga Coordinator of the Lifepower Yoga Program at Life Time Fitness, Westminster.
  • Completed 3 – 200 hour trainings, plus several immersions and workshops to build on her knowledge and foundations over almost decade of teaching.
  • Holds a Master Herbalist certificate and Esthetician License since 2005 that beefs up her thorough knowledge of the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. She brings a diverse knowledge from several methods, modalities and experiences.
  • Practiced yoga for 15 years before diving into the art of guiding other yogi’s and takes great pride in having a strong foundation before entering her first YTT in 2009.
  • College Professor?- Yes I was! In a past life, as a graphic designer she taught Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at Red Rocks Community College for their Multi-Media graduate program in Golden, Colorado!

So teaching has always been a part of her life!

freelance designer; web, video & print:

At the age of 17 I stepped into my first print shop and fell in love!

It was creative, yet technical, it was perfect! I worked in several aspects of the Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing industry for 20 years and grew with the industry as technology grew. I even worked for a software company who created the software of the future… to go from print to web.

I journeyed off the path to explore being an entrepreneur when my heart wanted to explore what else there is to become, insert –
Full Time Yoga Instructor for a decade!

Eventually my path led me to combine my past and present passions to serve people by creating an online presence as an Online Yoga Instructor, Master Herbalist and Esthetician! The online world can be scary to navigate, but when you jump in, it opens up a whole new world!

I eventually found my true calling, my true niche, and it is using my creative and technical mind to help other businesses and entrepreneurs.

It isn’t easy to do it all on your own… and you are not alone!

It is what I have been training for my whole life…
which brings me and YOU to this point!


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