Considering Yoga Teacher Training? Or just want to deepen your practice?

While considering doing YOGA Teacher Training, the PRICING has you feeling LESS than BLISSFUL!

You KNOW you want to deepen your YOGA practice. However IS the COST worth it when you are not even sure you want to be a teacher…

Plus the time commitment of juggling family, kids, work and/or college to get to the yoga studio for the training is overwhelming.

This is a conundrum that many of us face. We love to practice yoga, we go to yoga studios and learn all that we can through the physical practice… yet in a studio yoga class it is hard to learn all there is to know about yoga.

This is the inspiration for creating my online learning portal on YouTube for learning more about yoga off the mat.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Renee.

For over a decade as a full time yoga instructor I have taught yoga to thousands of people in yoga studios from Colorado to Hawaii who are looking for relief from their ailments or stress.

There are days when I felt like 1 hour with my yoga students wasn’t long enough to truly share the full scope of what yoga has to offer.

So I created an ONLINE library with several hours of recorded workshops, modules and workbooks to help people learn and understand much of what a yoga teacher knows.

Plus this library is growing, as my students grow, more content is being added.

These workshops and modules are not ‘yoga classes’, rather they are jam packed with information on the 7 Chakras, The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory behind Yin Yoga, Mantras, Meditation and much, much more.

The ORIGINAL series is called “Cultivate Your Inner Yogi” and has 5 modules that will help you learn more and take your yoga practice deeper off the mat in a learning environment from home or on the go, at your own pace and start at ANYTIME on YouTube. Which everyone has access to.

THEN when you do step into your favorite yoga studio you can apply everything you learned from home to your studio practice and find the depth you are desiring.

Or when you are READY to make the big investment into Yoga Teacher Training you still have that option and this affordable learning portal could be the catalyst that supports you and helps you realize your calling.

I provide hands on support via chat, email or phone to those who have questions or deep thoughts they want to share, so you are not alone in this journey.

Please take a look and contact me with any questions, anytime.

Peace • love • abundance

P•L•A•Y YouTube Channel

Meaning: peace • love • abundance • yoga!

This is the new home of the P•L•A•Y learning portal if you are looking for it!

Over 15 hours of Recorded workshops on Ayurveda, The 7 Chakras, Meditation, Goals, Intentions and more.

Over 20 Guided Yoga and Meditation Videos Recorded in CO & Maui.

Over 60 episodes of Podcast Recordings from “the peace • love • abundance podcast” by Renee Stahl

And always more being added.

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