Interview; Kathleen Nelson-Simley on raising kids alcohol and drug free

Podcast 056: Interview; Kathleen Nelson-Simley on raising kids alcohol and drug free.

Kathleen shares her story about growing up on a farm, being authentic, and by doing what she loves has helped her connect the dots to achieve being an influence on todays youth.

She promotes how to raise children drug and alcohol free to give them the best chance at their own goals, dreams and ambitions in life through educating them, giving them a choice and showing them there is more to life.

Kathleen was raised on a farm in central Nebraska and attended a country school in grades K-8 before going to a small town high school. She could only dream of other places far away and would pray that her life would someday take her there. Today, Kathleen has traveled to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Northern Ireland. She is President of her own company, KNS Learning Solutions, and is the licensed trainer of the All Stars program – a series of curriculum to keep 4th-12th grade kids from engaging in risky behaviors. Her life mission and passion in substance abuse prevention over the last 36 years and her desire to give kids around the world the best possible future is influenced by her own personal life story.

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peace • love • abundance
– Renee and Kathleen

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