Interview with Kaila June on Movement as Medicine

I got to interview someone I adore and even look up to. Her knowledge, work and presence is amazing and so happy she is out there spreading the good vibes, love and most of all her ‘movement as medicine’.

Episode 053: Interview with Kaila June on Movement as Medicine

Kaila June is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Dance-artist. I am motivated by embodied movement science as a platform for contemporary movement education. With over 20 years as a movement teacher, my approach builds bridges between movement modalities and merges somatic movement and kinesiology into a comprehensive framework.

She speaks about growing up as a dancer and how we each have our own ‘soma’ inside of us and what that means.

With this concept she can work 1 on 1 with anyone to be their guide to help someone feel better and customize a plan of movement as medicine for each individuals needs.

She also has a vision and an online school for movement professionals or facilitators like yoga, dance, fitness, pilates, massage, body workers and therapists alike to learn more.

I love how she spoke about ‘peace • love • abundance’ in a manner that I want to hire her to be my personal advocate for ‘peace • love • abundance’ and so will you!

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peace • love • abundance


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