My Favorite Yoga Props

Namaste’ Yogi’s!

Thought I would take the time to share my favorite props and links on where to buy them.

Enjoy your virtual shopping!

peace • love • abundance
– Renee

Manduka stands the test of time…

yoga mats

I have had my first love, my first Manduka mat for over a decade now and it is still in GREAT shape… at one time it was used several times per day when I taught yoga to practicing yoga… I only bought a new one so I could have one at home and one left in my car! Manduka stands behind their products with warranties.

I also have a latex allergy and can not use ‘rubber’ mats… but Manduka makes a mat free of toxins and is recyclable in their recycling program, however I don’t see why this would ever be needed as they last FOREVER!

Anywho… they sell more than just mats and here are my choices, what I use:

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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