March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month… what you need to know.


I want to take a moment to recognize March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and my father is a 2x colon cancer survivor.

So proud of my father for fighting a good fight and still being here with me today!
I love you Dad.

Our colon health is super important.

I am not hear to list the facts or statistics because you can google that.
~~~but rather my goal is to bring awareness and create dialog. 

Talking Shit!

Lets face it… it is often taboo to…

  • talk about poop
  • admit we need to go poop
  • or to poop in public or in someone else’s home while visiting.


Well I say stop being so shy, is it stinky and gross? uh, yeah!

That is exactly why you need to get that SHIT out of you!

  • we all do it
  • need to do it
  • better be doing it!

As a Master Herbalist this is one of the best ways I can help people is to talk about it, yet I very seldom get straight answers and I can tell it makes people uncomfortable to talk about it.

Here is what you need to know though:

  • Pooping is very important!
  • It is one of the 3 main elimination channels and how we remove waste from our bodies.
  • You MUST poop every day, if you aren’t then you need to get some help with pooping. From someone who knows their SHIT! Resist relying on habit forming over-the-counter laxatives… that is not a healthy way to promote daily poop.
  • It is believed you should actually poop 3 times per day… however striving for at least once per day is a great compromise and gage to how healthy you are.
  • Skipping even just 1 day means you are constipated.
  • The opposite isn’t ideal either… having your food move through your body too quickly means you are not absorbing the nutrients. Diarrhea or loose stool that you can actually recognize the food isn’t correct digestion either.

When it comes to constipation though… think about it… colon cancer can form from toxins and/or stagnant shit (literally) just sitting stagnant in your colon. I use the and/or because many of us do strive for a healthy diet, avoid junk and aren’t actually consuming ‘toxins’.

But avoiding junk in your diet is only 1/2 the job to avoiding having toxins in our body.

You see, once you eat or consume something (even if it is healthy) and your body has processed all the nutrients it can from your intake of food… then it needs to eliminate it because now it has become waste… the waste is now basically a ‘toxin’ your body needs to rid it self of because it is no longer of use to the body.

Now… think about how you cook and your trash can. What we put in our trash can is either the cuttings we don’t want to eat, left-overs or even the packaging from our food. What happens if you don’t take the trash out? It rots and stinks!

Now imagine if you are not pooping and you have the remains of food in your colon that your body no longer needs because it already processed the nutrients and calories for fuel from it… it is going to rot and stink just like your trash!

So… get that SHIT out!

Ayurveda is all about digestion and elimination. It is 50-50… you can not have one without the other. And they both need to be on point.

I have Ayurveda in my online library on my P•L•A•Y YouTube channel.

P•L•A•Y means peace • love • abundance • yoga!

Visit my YouTube Channel to learn more about. P•L•A•Y provides this and more for a low monthly member rate and no contract, cancel when you want.

Self-care is where we are heading these days… there is so much information out there that there is no excuse to not know more about how to take better care of yourself no matter where you seek your information the first step to open up the dialog and don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Because shit happens and you better know your shit when it does happen!

I love you all! Just be mindful or don’t be afraid to ask or talk about it… please! 

peace • love • abundance

P•L•A•Y YouTube Channel

Meaning: peace • love • abundance • yoga!

This is the new home of the P•L•A•Y learning portal if you are looking for it!

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And always more being added.

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