Navigating the Sea of Self-Care

I am navigating the sea of ‘self-care’.
Because who else knows me better than I know myself!

No one else can feel my pain or the discomfort in my body daily!

But where to start… there is a lot of information out there…

One article will say “coffee is evil and butter makes you fat”.

The next article says drinking “butter IN your coffee” will help you lose weight and help your brain think clearly!

I know I am not alone with all this confusion.

Plus the rising cost of ‘Health Care’, prescriptions and the mass amount of hype around fad diets – how does someone navigate the world of ‘Self-Care’ I ask myself.

For over a decade as a full time Yoga Instructor I have taught Yoga to thousands of people in yoga studios who are looking for relief from their ailments or stress.

You could be or have been one of them!

There are days when I felt like 1 hour with my students wasn’t long enough to truly share the full scope of what Yoga has to offer side by side with it’s sister science of ‘Ayurveda’.

Ayurveda has been around FOREVER… and is meant to be practiced along side Yoga. 

I have found great relief from ‘the CONFUSION’ when I practice Ayurveda myself as it helps me realize we are NOT ALL THE SAME!

It helps me understand WHY having ‘butter in your coffee’ does work for some, but not everyone!

You can join me, with peace, love, abundance and sharing in mind to help us all navigate through the sea of ‘Self-Care’ with healthy daily rituals and listening to our bodies individual needs.

I practice this because I should know myself better than anyone else and it is up to me to take care of my body.

peace • love • abundance

P•L•A•Y YouTube Channel

Meaning: peace • love • abundance • yoga!

This is the new home of the P•L•A•Y learning portal if you are looking for it!

Over 15 hours of Recorded workshops on Ayurveda, The 7 Chakras, Meditation, Goals, Intentions and more.

Over 20 Guided Yoga and Meditation Videos Recorded in CO & Maui.

Over 60 episodes of Podcast Recordings from “the peace • love • abundance podcast” by Renee Stahl

And always more being added.

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