12 days left in 2018

Do you tend to fall short of your New Years Resolutions? 2 weeks in you are already forgetting your commitments to yourself? Or still putting off starting?

9 times out of 10 we will not accomplish our goals because we don’t plan. I know, sounds tedious already… which is why we don’t accomplish our goals because it sounds tedious already! So we put it off!

I created my virtual online course to guide you and help you with this.

We have to first take a trip into the past to figure out why we put things off or have limiting beliefs that get in our way.

We need to know our WHY?

WHY we don’t think we are WORTHY?
WHY we put things OFF?


WHY would accomplishing these goals feel GOOD.
WHY we are WORTHY of our DREAMS and GOALS.

Dreams are not MAGIC. You can’t just sit around and they magically happen. They take hard work, sweat, tears, tenacity and staying focused.

So a good plan will help you connect the dots of the past, present and into your future. So you can celebrate the milestones along the way and reach your goals.

The course is virtual and ready for you to start TODAY.

12 days til the New Year and ticking down.

Sign up now – Connecting the Dots

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