How your past holds you back…

How your past holds you back and it’s time to change!

Do you feel like what you are doing now isn’t working? Or taking you where you want to be?

Whether it is physically, mentally or financially you just feel you could be doing better for yourself, but not sure what is holding you back?

Here are 6 questions to ask and answer for yourself… be honest… and this will get you thinking.

  1. What triggers you to think about the negative?
    a. Your own limiting beliefs? You don’t believe you are worthy of more or anything different?
    b. Other peps… someone or some group made you believe you are not good enough?
    c. A bad day… when things don’t go as planned, you start to think about “if I had just done _______ then I wouldn’t be here right now.”?
  2. What do you fester on most when you do start to feel these negative emotions come up?
    a. EVERYTHING you wish you had done differently, all your past short comings, mistakes or failures?
    b. How you were mistreated or never good enough.
    c. How you got the short end of the stick or denied something you felt you deserved, but didn’t get it.
  3. When you speak of the negative things in your life, which do you dwell on most?
    a. The not so good things you have done or maybe the opposite then things you regret you haven’t done.
    b. Poor relationships with your peers, an ex, siblings or parents.
    c. The bad hand you were dealt, you have never been lucky in life or been given a lucky break.
  4. When you look back at your past and the things you wish you could change, what do think are so significant about those stories in your life?
    a. That you lack the skill or knowledge to be better.
    b. You will never measure up to other peoples expectations.
    c. You never get a lucky break or good things just don’t come to you.
  5. What emotion do you resonate with most about your past?
    a. Shame
    b. Anger
    c. Envy
  6. Who do you blame?
    a. Yourself
    b. Others
    c. The World

More a. answers – means you have a self-worth issue. You don’t see yourself as worthy of having the things you want or that you have the skills or knowledge it takes to do what you want to do.

More b. answers – you have a self-esteem issues based on others opinions of you which has lead you to worry about what other people think of you and you tend to hold yourself back in effort to make others happy above your own needs.

More c. answers – You see yourself as a Victim. That the World is out to get you and you spend so much time in this place of thought that you can’t appreciate the little things in life or what you do have. You believe everyone else has it better than you. Living in jealousy of what you don’t have or didn’t get.

You can also be a combination of all 3…

Regardless of your results, you are not alone and it is time to break the cycle. Your past is your past.

Our stories of the past are what make us who we are today… but they don’t have to define who you are today. You have the ability to EDIT your story as you move FORWARD.

Starting with strong goals, intentions and dreams.

Before moving on into another year… I want you to consider taking my online class, it is worth $50 as far as Master Classes go, but I have placed a fair price on it of $25.

Lets face it, we have spent money on stupider things! And seriously, clearly defining your goals, dreams and ambitions is NOT STUPID!

Find this class on YouTube channel

Testimonial from: missdulcemia 

I took this class over a few days in 30 minute increments. Taking it this way worked well for me. It gave me time to do mental homework and consider the activities that I was doing in the workbook. I enjoyed Renee’s narrative. Her storytelling and personal disclosure provided a safe space. Her reliability felt sincere and approachable. It was symbiotic to the process that she was cultivating- which is growth. I most enjoyed the reminders about framing goals with positive words. Some of how she explained this concept was new to me and I felt an “aha!” This is a very affordable self-help class. I’m glad that that I took a chance on it!

My master class will help you connect the dots of the past, what brings you to today, your goals (dots) for the future.

In this Master class you will:

  • Put in writing your goals, ambitions and dreams.
  • Verify – what is your ‘Mess’ (excuses) that get in your way?
  • Recognize what you are naturally good at.
  • Verify – what makes you good at what you are naturally good at? When we know this, we remain motivated.
  • Take a walk down memory lane to connect the dots of your past to discover what was the trigger in your past that planted the BAD seed in your head that made you BELIEVE you are not capable of living out your dreams?
  • Define the obstacles that get in your way, so you can recognize them when they present themselves.
  • Set clear milestones (dots) for you to connect into the future to accomplish what you seek through expelling limiting beliefs and overcome excuses.

Phew… that is a lot! But totally doable and not as overwhelming as you think by having a guide to help guide you through it.

When you have the knowledge and tools I will provide in this training you can clearly see what dots you need to connect.


  • Interactive video
  • Workbook (PDF)
  • Email support for questions and deep thoughts!
  • Discounted 1 on 1 private (purchased separately if you want it)

The class is recorded so you can watch immediately or as often as you make time for it.

Find this class on YouTube channel

peace • love • abundance

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