Finding Peace of Mind Wherever You Are…

Om gum Ganapatayei namah

3 months without my meditation space! This has been the longest move I have ever endured! While I believe we can meditate anywhere at anytime… where ever our heart is… however it is always nice to have a spot you call home!

Om gum Ganapatayei namah

This mantra has helped me a ton over the last 6 months even.

Do you meditate or at least take a moment of silence to sit in peace?

If not you should! It’s the best form of love you can show yourself… to be comfortable with yourself even in silence.

However silence isn’t always found in a place of silence… as a matter of fact, being able to find peace of mind and just sit with presence in all situations is the best.

It is YOU who should become silent so you can listen.

Life is dynamic, never static, listening skills are a must.

There is an abundance of opportunities out there waiting for you to hear it’s calling.

It’s your Dharma. Your true path.

You just need to pause and listen.

Sharing is caring… share this with anyone.

peace • love • abundance

P.S to help you with getting unstuck or to break your bad habits of the past, I have an online Goals Master Class; Connecting the Dots. It is recorded and ready for you to download today. For more information click here! Also, watch the video below.

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