peace • love • abundance podcast

Hello everyone… I don’t want to leave my faithful blog post readers hanging, I very much appreciate each and everyone of you.

BUT… incase you have been wondering where I have been I have a confession… I have fallen in love with ‘podcasting’. Please forgive me!

It is simple to follow me though through several platforms I will post below.

The benefits to listening to podcasts is you can do this while you multi-task! Like:

  • Walking your dog
  • Commuting to work
  • Doing your work (and your boss will think you listening to music and not see you surfing the internet, huge plus!)
  • Cooking dinner
  • Cleaning house
  • Ignoring your children
  • and the list goes, on and on.

••• So give it a try, you can find peace • love • abundance podcast it on:

  • iTunes (which on a iPhone is the same as the little purple ‘podcast’ app).
  • Sound Cloud
  • YouTube
  • GooglePlay for Android

A place to discuss yoga, Ayurveda, health, wellness, goals, dreams, mindset, meditation, and deep thoughts!

Thank you so much for your dedication and support. I love you all.

peace • love • abundance


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