Private Yoga Sessions

Want to dive deeper into your practice or just prefer 1 on 1 yoga vs going to a big studio or want to avoid the heat of ‘HOT yoga’ then private yoga might be for you.

Traditionally Yoga and Wellness was passed on  generation to generation, a trusted family friend or maybe even a Guru in a 1 on 1 environment once or twice per week. The remaining time was spent with a self-practice, or self-study and practicing daily healthy habits to keep a person feeling well, vibrant or energized.

There was less time standing in line at Starbucks or your favorite “house of crutches” to help you get through the day! The time was spent cultivating their own energetic means of getting through the day.

So returning to our roots, a 1 on 1 with Renee can guide you and help you establish a new routine, manage your time better, cultivate vitality and get you through your day and more. And this can be done all online to save you even more time not commuting. The recordings will be available for you to review and listen to as often as you want.

Our private session together can be focused on:

  • Goals and Intention setting.
  • Breath work.
  • Building a yoga practice specifically for YOU.
  • Ayurveda and Nutritional Wellness.
  • Supporting your body with better eating habits and losing weight.
  • Finding the right herbal remedies to support your specific bodies needs.
  • OR ALL THE ABOVE, it is your private session and it is all about you… so you tell me what you need.

This can be a re-occurring meeting, session or a one time visit. And is recorded so you can revisit as often as you want.

  • Most of my clients seek a more personal style of yoga that they can’t get from a box studio group class.
  • Done as online recorded sessions. So even if you live in another state we can do yoga together! If you live in Northern CO, we can meet in person if needed.
  • Yin yoga and guided meditation for relief from stress, over working and soreness from the daily routine of even sitting behind a desk.
  • Yoga for Athletes, not Athletic yoga! This is to counter and restore an over worked body in an athlete. See my Blog article for more.

Renee has been teaching yoga full time since early 2009. She has really been exposed to a wide variety of people, body types, as well as injuries and this knowledge is very useful in helping to create a custom practice for a person that can help them build knowledge, strength, flexibility and a connection to their body’s needs. In the privacy of Renee’s home (or yours) she is happy to share the love of yoga and the benefits of a home practice with you.

Online booking
or contact Renee with any questions.

  • 60 minute private $60 (online or in person)
  • 90 minute private $80 (online or in person)
  • For each online or in person session you get a written home practice based on taking notes as we work together to create a practice specific to your needs included in the price, plus the online recording of everything we discuss.
  • For a personalized recorded private class, in which Renee takes the time to record a class or audible meditation specifically for you the pricing varies, please contact her for your idea’s and needs. Examples Include, but not limited to:
    • 15, 20, 30 and up to 75 minute recordings of a guided practice or guided meditation you can reply as often as you want/need.
    • Chair yoga session designed specifically for you or someone you love.
    • Meditation for dealing with cancer, PTSD, fertility or any other disorder.
    • Rehabbing from a specific injury.
    • Dealing the loss of a loved one.
    • A special Chakra flow or audible meditation to help you overcome your specific blocks or places where you feel stuck.
    • And many, many more reasons.
  • Discount on multiple sessions available, contact Renee for a quote.
  • Fee for coming to your home, depending on area and time, to get a
    quote contact Renee.

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