Jealousy and Abundance

Jealousy takes us over all too often.

We are jealous of what others have.

We get jealous when we see someone, in our same field, and possibly in less time or knowledge or experience, get an opportunity to shine or find success in something quicker than we do.

Jealous that someone has a great relationship or someone to spend their time with.

Jealous of someone going snowboarding, surfing or on vacation when you are stuck in the office!

Jealous of someones body type, hair or eye color.

The list just goes on and on.

The thing is there is ABUNDANCE all around us. Which means there is enough to go around for all of us!

And your path is yours to take. In Yoga and Ayurveda this path is your Dharma.

If you are too caught up in everyone else’s stories, successes and relationships then you are not cultivating your own.

Let’s face it… jealousy is a waste of time and a diversion to what is really going on with you.

The bitter energy you put off while being in a state of jealousy is recognized by others and while you are too busy festering over it, life is still moving forward.

Jealousy keeps ups in a stagnant state, meaning we are going no where, but time is still ticking away… life waits for no one.

Jealously is a bitter pill! Negativity leads to destructive habitual patterns. And even worse, poor health and wellness.

When you feel these feelings, you have to let them go. Celebrate everyones successes more and see what kind of doors start to open up to you.

Stop over-thinking things outside your ‘path’ and use that energy towards your ‘path’.

Surround yourself with success and you will find success.

And there is an abundance of opportunities, chances, people, tribes, and so on to be had.

I challenge you to become so busy with opening new doors, that you don’t have time to feel jealousy! Take on a pottery class, knitting, join a basketball league, go to yoga, gardening, learn something new, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but find something you love and cultivate it.

Check out my online program “Cultivate Your Inner Yogi”. You don’t have to be a Yogi to do the program and change your life, but it will help you connect more with your Dharma, your true path!

Erase jealousy from your vocabulary and your thoughts and cultivate ‘ABUNDANCE’.

Become what YOU seek!

Peace, Love and Namaste’


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