Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 5.28.22 PMWorking a shift at my part time job at a well known health food store, (not sure I can actually mention their name without permission, so I will keep it out!) in the supplement and body care department is always a very interesting and a learning experience, for many reasons!

The main reasons are;

  • Someone always challenges my knowledge.
  • Someone always teaches me something new or that I never heard of. FYI… the world of supplements and body care is HUGE, not one person can know it all, so please keep this in mind when you are shopping and asking questions!!! However, I always embrace this as a teachable moment and it inspires me to go home and research it later! I know, total geek!
  • And, the varying opinions that pass through the store daily keeps me on my toes to go with the flow and not offend anyone! Ha! Right? The customer is always right!

I am a team member who works in a grocery store, it is my/our duty to provide customer service and help people find what they need within the store as best as we can…

I am not a Doctor, a Natural Path or even a Master Herbalist or Esthetician when I am on the clock at this job. Even though I am a Master Herbalist and Esthetician! I can not disclose this when I am there for liability reasons and a grocery store should never be a replacement for going to your doctor or health care advocate type person.

My background and knowledge does help me understand what they are looking for when they come in and say; “I am looking for this stuff, a friend told me to take, it is some kind of oil, it is supposed to help me lose weight, but it isn’t fattening!” and I take them to the MCT oil section! But it is not my duty or job to tell them how much to take, how it works because I am not there to be a scientist, doctor or expert in MCT oil and how it works (even though they will drill me over and over and get pissed that I can’t tell them how it works)!

Side Note… the job is more challenging then people think and I ask that you all have compassion for asking a grocery store employee questions we can not answer! Please realize in the end we are grocery store employees!

When I am wearing my ‘Professional’ hat as a professional yoga and Ayurveda teacher, master herbalist, nutritionist and licensed esthetician; I am representing myself, my own business and under my own ‘liability’ to give advice. I even have to carry liability insurance to act in that manner.  My clients and students come to me, sign a waiver and we do an official consultation where I can feel comfortable giving them advice based on a certain set of questions, learning what kind of medications or supplements they are currently taking and so forth. It is an actual, well thought out and professional visit.

A lot different than being a grocery store employee and not obtaining waivers! Get it? 

On to my main story:

So on Sunday a lady comes in and is looking at sunscreen and asks me;

Lady: “Does this sunscreen have ingredients in it that western thinking supports?”

Me: gotta keep an open mind “Um, not sure what you are asking?”

Lady: “I have a dermatologist who tells me to only use sunscreen that western society creates and would make. She says that alternative sunscreens do not work. And she is the best dermatologist around.”

Me: again, trying to remain neutral and helpful “Well, I am not sure 100% what ingredients your dermatologist is suggesting you use with out seeing it written or a suggested name brand. But here we do try to avoid some of the harsher ingredients that are commonly used in standard sunscreen.”

Lady: “So you are telling me that this isn’t western”

Me: “I am not 100% what would make the distinction, so my suggestion would be for you to get a specific list of ingredients from your dermatologist, especially if you are under the care of a health care provider currently to be sure. As I can not speak for them or clearly speak on behalf of the product you are holding.”

She continued to go on about her amazing dermatologist and preventing melanoma is so important and on and on and on…

Not less than 15 minutes later a gentleman walks in, he is looking at the sunscreen and when I ask if he is finding everything OK he turns around with a tube of sunscreen and says;

Gentleman: “Yup, got it right here, sunscreen with both zinc and titanium, I won’t use anything else on my skin ever since I was diagnosed with melanoma! And all my Dr’s say this is the best!”

Me: “Great, I am so happy you found what you need and have a wonderful day.”

Gent: “I will, thanks, life is amazing and I want to keep living it.”

So inspiring and lifted my spirits!

The moral to this story really?

Neither is right and neither is wrong in our world. The most amazing part about living in this century and country is that we have the freedom to choose and to have an opinion!

As well as, what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another.

I believe that the power of suggestion has a big play in things too…

If you believe something won’t work, it more than likely won’t.
If you believe it can work, it just might.
Our thoughts and our will are very powerful factors in how our life serves us.

That is the beauty of opening your mind to different ideas, concepts and stepping out of your creature of habit ways.

Yoga and Ayurveda teaches us there is something else out there and mastering our mindset is a powerful tool.

I am on a mission to share that Yoga and Ayurveda is not just about twisting yourself into a pretzel, or doing a handstand, it’s not a cult and you don’t have to be a Vegan!

And anyone can learn the principles of mastering your mindset without even owning a yoga mat!

All you need is an open mind and a positive attitude… the rest will come to you… you just have to follow the signs… but continuing to live your life in destructive patterns, or accepting there is nothing more then the drama you currently live, is going to continue to be a painful, isolating, downward, spiral.

Start to choose your own adventure…

Love and Namaste’

2 thoughts on “Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

  1. Very good. This woman didn’t know what was IN this ” Western”. Where the man knew exactly what was in the sunscreen & what worked for him.


    1. Right! If things and ingredients are that important to someone they should keep a list in a notebook or on their phone. I get it, I’m picky and have my opinions and such, but it’s a vague statement to ask if it’s ‘western’? And I know she is comparing western medicine to eastern, but you can talk to 2 ‘western Dr’s’ and they can each suggest something different!


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