You are what you digest.

You are what you digest!

This is a concept that I am teaching in my yoga classes lately. The concept of practicing Ayurveda with a focus on digestion and elimination.

It spans beyond food and poop!!! I know, so taboo, did she really just mention poop?

While those 2 are very important, digestion and elimination in not limited to just food and poop!

It is also how we digest our thoughts, how we learn new things, our relationships, our patterns, our emotions and then how well we eliminate things of the past, what is no longer serving us, bad habits and attachments that are weighing us down or keeping us from reaching our full potential.

What we eat is a great place to start, because being more conscious about what we eat can set up the foundation for how we feel daily. And when we eat the proper foods, then we feel more energetic.

We have all had those days where we eat something and feel like poo! Severe food poisoning is not fun and an extreme example of what I am trying to convey.

But what if we listened to our bodies, to the daily signals it gives us about our daily habits:

  • How we smile or don’t smile.
  • How we can clearly think or not.
  • How we can make others around us happy or not.
  • How well we receive someone else’s energy/help or not.
  • How we smell good or not.
  • How good we feel or not.
  • How light we feel or how heavy we feel.

Many people in my community and who are reading this practice yoga. You know you go to yoga to feel better after, to find clarity of thought, to breathe, to de-stress or whatever your reason for going. We make this conscious decision to feel better and so we practice yoga.

But what about life off your yoga mat, what if we could be just as mindful about what we eat, who we hang out with and what hobby’s we have to feed our souls to feel good all day long? To cultivate vitality instead of dreading the next day.

Well, Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and intended to be practiced along side of a Yoga practice. It is sad though, I meet several people who have practiced Yoga for YEARS and have no clue about Ayurveda. No judgment, but it is time to cultivate your knowledge and dig deeper into you current practice.

I am on a mission to share the love of practicing Ayurveda.

To acknowledge how amazing it would be to have both in your life and how much more balanced we would all be if we could listen to our bodies early signals/symptoms and act on it instead of ignoring it or struggling to find time and money to go to a doctor. And… While western diagnostic tools are amazing, they don’t teach us how to take care of ourselves between visits and are expensive for the daily ailment.

What if you knew a way to troubleshoot your body daily or weekly? Some sort of education and knowledge to learn to take care of yourself between doctor’s visits.

Knowledge is Power!

That is where Ayurveda “ROCKS” at living and practicing daily lifestyle habits and mindful eating of foods that feed your specific digestion and elimination to feel balanced.

Ayurveda even takes it beyond what you eat or poop. It is about “EVERYTHING YOU TAKE IN”!

  • How you learn.
  • How you think.
  • How you breathe.
  • How you connect or interact with people.
  • How you handle your emotions.
  • And more.

All of these things we digest every day and we should be more conscious of letting go of or eliminating;

  • Old habits.
  • Old thoughts.
  • Destructive relationships.
  • Destructive patterns.
  • Things of the past that no longer serve us.

Everything, again, comes down to digestion and elimination. 

Or out with the old and in with the new.

Ayurveda shows you how to become aware of your body. It teaches you how to interpret how you feel.

It’s useful to think of Ayurveda as a form of “habit-pathy”!

  • It is the pathogenesis of a habit! The things that we do in our every day life that have an effect on us.

Ayurveda studies that and teaches us how to experience that, so when we notice after eating a certain food, interacting with a certain person or doing a certain activity – we feel a certain way.

Ayurveda gives us a system to balance and to show us how our whole lifestyle, our whole habit, our whole way of being is either helping our body or hurting our body and that is what makes Ayurveda deeply personal

Much like how yoga is deeply personal. Some people can twist into a pretzel, some people can’t even touch their toes! Yet we all continue to practice and meet on this common ground because it helps us feel better.

Much like I guide my yoga classes and private clients through the physical practice of yoga, I also guide people through health and nutrition. Because that is what I can do to help my community and introduce people to a better way of life. However I can not do the work for them, they have to accept that it is a practice, with me as their guide.

I can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to do or that their body isn’t ready for, but with guidance they start to listen, learn and digest new ideas and understand that maybe their old way of doing/thinking is not serving them.

Thus begins the “digestion and elimination”.

To learn more I have an online workshop, 3 1/2 hours of power point presentation that starts with the history of Yoga and Ayurveda to help understand why they are sisters. Also to understand it isn’t about twisting into a pretzel or standing on your head to get benefits and that it is for EVERYONE.

The workshop covers concepts of breathing, light meditation, goal setting, intentions, affirmations, mantras and the basic concepts of Ayurveda to start practicing daily and to get you to put more thought into what you are putting into your body directly effects your thoughts, emotions and how you feel daily.

I also do 1 on 1 privates where we discuss these concepts, and I, as your guide, walk you through your personal journey by putting together a personalized plan. Lets face it, there is a lot to learn and staying on track is tough, so an account-a-bil-a-buddy is great to have along the way.

A guided practice is a successful practice, if left to our own, we seldom follow through.

Let me know how I can help you and get you digesting and pooping!

Love and Namaste’



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