Excuses, excuses…


I always make this mistake…

I let myself become obsessed with the idea of traveling and feeling sorry for myself for not having been on a vacation in over 3 years! Spring break has brought this thinking on, hearing everyones stories of their adventures, while I continue to plug along at my job(s).

It’s been even longer than 3 years, technically, if you don’t count living in Hawaii a vacation! While I did move to Maui for almost a year, it was meant to be a lifestyle, not a vacation, however I will admit I enjoyed myself!

Which brings me to my point… being able to enjoy life no matter where you are and what the situation.

Sounds perfect, right? I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, which when I was in Maui, I missed Colorado and now that I am in Colorado I miss Maui!

We have this tendency to always want what we don’t have…

We want curly hair when we have straight and those who have curly want straight!

And while we wallow in these useless states of mind we are missing what is going on around us… taking for granted what we have right in front of us.

Another desire lately of mine is to do more meditation and yoga… so I started to try to justify combining my need for a vacation with the desire to do more meditation and yoga. As well as being able experience the presence of another yoga instructors guidance.

Well… a journey into my finances and the fact that I don’t get paid to take a vacation (yes, the downside of being a yoga instructor), I came to the harsh realization that neither traveling nor combining a destination yoga retreat are in my budget! Ha!

So back to the drawing board of picking my battles and settling…

Settling… really… is that what I am doing? Sounds so withdrawn.

How can I live in such a beautiful state, that offers so much and I myself have so much to offer myself, how can “settling” even be a thing to ponder???

From a yogini I follow –

“So often, we buy into the idea that we need to travel to remote places or study with very specific people in order to fuel our personal development. These experiences are undoubtedly important and transformational, but the reality is that we can ALL tap into the same Universal Intelligence of our most esteemed teachers. We just need to carve out the time and space to listen.

“From the comfort of our homes, we can nourish ourselves, receive potent insights and sink into deep states of meditation. The challenge is prioritizing our self-care to the extent that we proactively create this time and space for ourselves. We resist creating the boundaries we need. We deny ourselves the nourishment we so deserve.” -Brett Larkin

So it is time to stop making excuses about cultivating a daily routine to nourish ourselves, stop saying I will start tomorrow or on Monday or I need a vacation. No more excuses…

Just DO IT!

If you are wanting to dive deeper, but really don’t know where to start or feel you don’t have the knowledge or budget to start living a healthier lifestyle through Ayurveda and aligning your energy with light meditation. Then maybe I have a some solutions for you:

  1. On a strict budget, join my Free Chakra Challenge, no cost to you, but you have sooooo much to gain! Starts April 1st, 7 – 30 minute videos you can do from home or on your smart phone from anywhere. You have 7 weeks to complete, that is 1 per week! You can finish early though, it is up to you how quickly or how often you want to get through the 7 videos. AND you can view the videos forever, so you can repeat them as often as you want. It will be a private event, so signing up to get the password is a must to do this! For more information visit my website www.reneestahl.online.
  2. Check out my “Cultivate Your Inner Yogi Intensive”, very affordable, while teacher training costs $3000 to learn this stuff, my online intensive is a fraction of a fraction of the cost!!!
  3. Schedule a private with me, I do 1 on 1 for nutrition, wellness, yoga, meditation, stress-relief and so on. We can truly cater a plan custom made for you.

Let me know if I can help you…

In the meantime… know that you are the only one who can make this happen… stop settling for NOTHING and CREATE space for EVERYTHING!

“I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make it drink!”

Love and Namaste’


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