Self Love

IMG_1895No excuses, make time for yourself, self love, you deserve feeling better and it is up to you to make it happen.

To make this even more accessible, I have created a downloadable PDF with gentle yoga postures in it, that ANYONE can do.

There are “chair” yoga options for those who need them and I personally think they feel great, especially if you have a desk job, then you can do the chair postures at work!

The PDF is free…

Downloadable so you can access it anywhere, even without internet…

Printable to keep on your coffee table or desk…

It is cute… because Mojo helps me!

Your survival depends on it!

Ok, that might sound like an exaggeration… or does it? If your depending on sugar, caffeine, alcohol or other bad habits just to get through your day… daily… then this could be the the key to your survival and a better way to better health.

It is worth a try! Especially if what you are doing now isn’t working and has you repeating patterns that are destructive…

“There is no greater love than self love”

Download available in my Etsy store.

Love and Namaste’
-Renee and Mojo!

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