Yoga for Athletes, NOT Athletic Yoga!

IMG_4273Reasons most athletes don’t get enough yoga or don’t make time for it:

  1. Their schedules are already to rigorous and full of conditioning, weight-lifting and specific training for their sport and adding on another thing tips the scale.
  2. Finding time to go to a class doesn’t fit in the above ∧∧∧ schedule.
  3. They don’t need the kind of yoga that is offered in the group environments at their gym or local studio.

Of the above reasons, I would say #3 is the top reason (even though I listed it last!), but if you understand why #3 and resolve #3 then you also cover reasons #1 and #2!

Most big box, brick and mortar studios teach such challenging, high energy and strengthening classes these days that yoga itself has almost become “athletic” in and of it’s self. This is because yoga studios have become a one stop shop, you get your work-out, stretching and destress all in one! Which, I love, I do, because it fits my needs perfectly! But with an athlete it isn’t so much what they need in their routine.

So, Yoga for Athletes, NOT Athletic yoga is an absolute need.

This is to counter and restore an over worked body in an athlete. Since most Athletes don’t need a typical group power yoga class with strength building and just doing Yin/Restorative Classes doesn’t always balance them out either or target the true imbalance in their body.

However, don’t get me wrong, if you have the time, any and all yoga can be useful.

But… Lets take a golfer for example: they have a specific movement they do for 9-18 holes or more with time at the driving range, sure, taking in a Yin or Restorative yoga class could help stretch them out, it will help anyone. But how about some standing pose work too that could be useful for balancing out their bodies from the repetitive movement that golf tends to be about? Or poses that might actually enhance their swing and stance.

Or how about Skiing vs Snowboarding? Assuming what works for a skier works the same for a snowboarder is not true. When it comes to strengthening sure, they both need to be able to hold a squat for a duration. But the legs, hips, abs and arms have different movements. A skier needs to be balanced Right and Left to gracefully turn, while a snowboarder gets very imbalanced depending on if they ride Right foot first or Left foot first. A snowboarders legs have 2 different functions to work their turns down a mountain. Where as a skier relies on both legs to do the same function.

So… in a group yoga class a skier and snowboarder are having 2 different experiences. AND… a snowboarder that rides “goofy” is having a different experience than a boarder who rides “regular”! And to find true balance each of these athletes needs a class catered to their needs to truly reach new levels in their sport.

Doing a private, 1 on 1 session an athlete can get a plan specific to their needs, with a combination of balance, counter balances and stretching.

Traditionally yoga, centuries ago, wasn’t even practiced in a group environment. It was practiced alone and 1 on 1 with a Guru or passed on from generation to generation for good health, balance and stamina.

It has been proven that by adding the Mind-Body and even Spirit to an athletes routine an athlete can increase speed, reduce time or create more consistent results in their chosen sport.

Even taking the time to balance out the thoughts in their heads, learning to pre-meditate their movements and mindfully execute. Yoga has many benefits and is vital to an athletes success.

In a private session I can compile a 20, 40 or 60 minute session that you can do on your own time that will balance the way they move.

I have worked with several athletes who have fitness goals like preparing to run marathons, 50’s, 100’s, Iron Man, Golf, Basketball, Football and so on.

A private session with me, specifically, includes a recording so you can have your own personal guided practice to do at home or the gym with your headphones on.

So contact me to book your 1 on 1 session today. Or book with your favorite yoga instructor, I just want to know you are doing it!

To contact Renee go to her contact page on

To learn more about Renee be sure to check out her website:

Love and Namaste’


PS… what do you think? 2 different needs to accomplish these sports??? Ha!

yin and yang

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