Knowledge is Power

Also, education is the best prevention.

I’ve come to resonate with both these concepts.

With the ever changing health care system, what is covered and what is not, plus increased stress in our society we start to learn that education and knowledge are our best chance at taking back control of our own health and our lives.

Ayurveda, is an ancient health care system that got suppressed well over 200 years ago when the British Empire started to suppress any way of thinking beyond what they believed in. Ayurveda was forced to move underground, to be practiced at the kitchen table and passed from generation to generation on a hush-hush, down-low, and need to know basis.

Today it is known as “alternative medicine”. But it has always baffled me that something that has been around longer than Western Medicine can be the “alternative”? Then I learned about the suppression and it all made sense. Not that it was right, but I understood the path that “alternative” practices ended up taking.

Anyway… Ayurveda is an actual science. To become a true Ayurveda Doctor the practitioners go through several years of medical school similar to that of which a Western Doctor goes through today. It has several limbs of study including surgery and is highly respected now days. Granted, Ayurveda had to fight it’s way back into the lime-light to gain the respect it deserves, but it is gaining popularity daily. The fact that you can find Turmeric supplements everywhere these days is proof! Chinese medicine has always been neck and neck with Ayurveda and the 2 of them shared their knowledge back and forth, so you will see similarities between the 2 and I love to work with both.

I am far from being a Doctor of Ayurveda. But my Master Herbalist, Nutrition, Licensed Esthetician and Yoga training does afford me some understanding, education and knowledge from a day to day perspective to help people, to guide them through the day to day practice of Ayurveda.

A Doctors time is better spent on the big issues and as sad as it is, they don’t have much time for their patients daily ailments or complaints. A 15 min Dr visit and you are out of there with very little advice. So the day to day practice of taking care of ourselves is lost. It was also lost through out our own ancestry, things we should’ve learned from our grandmothers was lost through the Industrial Revolution.

Enter, the enthusiast… like me… who loves to share the day to day knowledge and guide people through a better way to health from a day to day aspect. Much like I am a yoga guide… I encourage my yoga students to listen to their bodies, I am their guide as I lead them through a sequence of yoga postures that will build strength, flexibility and stimulate their internal organs, but in the end, they are responsible for their own practice, I can not make them stand in Warrior 2 or fold into a forward fold, they have to have to do it on their own, with my guidance.

They are responsible to show up on their mats, to listen to their bodies, connect their own mind-body-spirit, back off if something doesn’t feel right and go deeper when their bodies yield it. And I am their guide, to challenge them and educate them as they go.

Now take the above concept into your eating habits, daily health care regiment (bathing, skin care, brushing your teeth, breathing deeply) and even cultivating healthy thoughts about ourselves and others.

80/20 rule, 80% of the time we can control or be mindful of how we treat our body. What we consume and what we put on it.

Practicing these things daily instead of moving through life as a zombie, can awaken the true vitality within all of us and find a greater meaning or path to better health and vitality, daily!

This is how I like to help my clientele, by educating them and bless them with the knowledge to take care of themselves daily.

To know the “why” is very empowering. To know why a remedy works for you or why eating certain foods and abstaining from others can make a person feel better.

In my online Ayurveda course, combined with with a brief history, breathing exercises, goal setting, intentions, affirmations, mantras and meditation made easy. we explore Ayurveda from a day to day perspective. Ayurveda and Yoga are “sisters”. So a lot of what you already know about yoga, is actually Ayurveda… like the 7 Chakras, Pranayama (breath) and even the 8 Limbs of Yoga all cross back and forth between Ayurveda and Yoga!

Visit my Online Learning and Off the Mat Learning sections on my website to learn more and links to purchase the online modules, free offerings and more. Modules are self-study, you can watch them on your own or listen to the audio only version while you walk your dog, run or commute to work.

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Also, there is 10 hours of yummy, yoga off the mat, mastering your mindset, online learning from the comfort of your own couch or bed! If you sign up for the 5 module series “Cultivate Your Inner Yoga”, it includes the Ayurveda, but adds the Chakras, 8 Limbed Path and Yin and Yang; exploring the Chinese Medicine methods of lines of energy.

The Modules are self study and can be watched anytime, on your own. You can even listen to the audio only version while you walk your dog, run or commute to work.

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This is happening now and it is ready for you!

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Thanks and Namaste’

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