Ayurveda for your bloated belly!

Do you have some New Years resolutions to eat healthier?

  • Are you all of a sudden blending cold veggies and fruit in a blender, packing carrot sticks and celery for lunch or juicing like crazy?
  • Only to find your belly is upset, bloated and you are getting constipated?
  • Also, you might be feeling tired all the time or cold hands and feet and want to go back to bed.
  • You are frustrated because this is supposed to be healthy for you?
  • So you give up and don’t full-fill your New Years resolution and feel like a failure?

Well… This is the worst thing you can do for your belly and your wellbeing. Especially if you are more of a Vata dosha. Winter is not the time of year to eat RAW for the majority of the population!

Check out this scenario:

Imagine a nice hot fire, a campfire or you are cooking on your grill. OK, now imagine some one throws a large glass of ice cold water on the fire… poof… the fire goes out and no more heat to warm you or cook your food.


Now back to your belly… you have been sleeping all night and you wake up to make an ice cold smoothy and you drink it. Poof… there goes your digestion, your internal fire to digest all those lovely nutrients, gone, for the whole day. Now you are bloated because your stomach doesn’t know what to do with all this coldness, you are starting to feel sleepy again because your body is using all of its energy to digest the cold substance and you are constipated because EVERYTHING has slowed down in your body do to putting out your internal fire.

There are very few people during the winter months whose belly’s can endure putting cold on the fire. Or eating a raw diet. And they will encourage you to keep going, keep doing it, your body is just cleansing, that is why you feel the way you do and I feel great.

Well let go of the thought that there is a one-size fits all when it comes to the human body and what it can endure. If you don’t have enough fire in your belly to digest cold things, then ice cold smoothies is not going to be your friend this winter!

It is time to cook your food. Turn your cold veggies into a vegetable soup and even consume some bone broth to help soothe and heal your internal fire. Stir-fry your food or even steam it, do anything other than eating it raw! Add lots of root veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric and winter squashes too. Even greens like kale, spinach and celery are all great in a good veggie soup. While you are at it make some a fruit sauce or baked fruit with your fruit, you know, like applesauce or baked apples! This can be done with more that just apples, use mangos, pears, peaches and so on! Add cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamon, butter, ghee and so to your fruit.

Also add more tea to your diet, drink your water at least at room temperature and avoid cold beverages if you can. It is the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time we can control what we put in our bodies and 20% of the time you roll with the roll and enjoy whatever it is you want or is put in front of you! Enjoy life! But know that as often as you can if you make better decisions about what you put in your body, then good health is very achievable.


“Ignite your fire this time of year, don’t put it out!”

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“Education is the best prevention!”

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