Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras, oh my!

If I ever teach yoga on Mondays or even early morning my message is always setting up a solid foundation for success. I actually speak to that in all classes really when it comes to building your asana’s (physical postures). But Mondays and mornings are great places to set the Intention for your day, week and even sometimes your month or year.

A solid foundation in yoga and in our intensions is like a good business plan that sets you up for success or building a house and starting with the basement or first floor. It requires good material, careful design, thoughtfulness and the will to make it happen! So definitely that defines our life goals, professional goals, building a house, a business and even sometimes just getting through the day, week, month or even a tough year… right?

Metaphorically it works and Physically!

I have started a Facebook group with this intention in mind. Every Sunday I will do a Live video post with a subject/challenge for you to set as your Monday intention, affirmation or mantra for the week to start your Monday off with a strong foundation.

Some of these concepts might turn into longer term goals then just getting through the week and that is awesome if you are able to set up a foundation more long term. Long term keeps us focused and daily/weekly goals help us set milestones. I would be flattered if any of my subjects/challenge ideas spark a long term goal in you. But I encourage you to weekly set milestones to help you achieve those longer term goals.

Definitions of Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras.

1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.
noun: affirmation; plural noun: affirmations
1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. A formal declaration by a person who declines to take an oath for reasons of conscience.
noun: mantra; plural noun: mantras
  1. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

If this sounds like something you are interested in and want the weekly accounta-billa-buddy then join me on Facebook. It is a private group called “Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras, oh my!” Because this is a private Facebook group, after you search for it you will have to request to become part of the group. This doesn’t mean I discriminate against who joins, but rather it insures that the people who join WANT to be there and I am not soliciting people who don’t want to be bothered by MY POSITIVE INFLUENCE! It is like “opting in or opting out”, not a form of blocking!

So don’t hesitate, join my FB Group now by by copying and pasting this title in your FB search field – Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras, oh my! Click to join. And weekly get my accounta-billa-buddy post to set up your Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras, oh my!

Below is a video of my first FB Live!

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